About the DIY Conservatory

About the DIY Conservatory

The DIY conservatory is the ideal way of extending your home’s living space at a fraction of the normal cost of purchasing a fully installed package whilst achieving exactly the same results.

Our DIY conservatories are specially designed for ease of assembly with no special tools needed. You’ll be surprised how easy it really is and how much money you’ll save.

Some of our customers use their local builder to construct their base/walls and in some cases, even assemble their DIY conservatory for them as well.

Either way, there are always great savings to be made.

DIY Conservatory Base
Durabase Steel Base Option

We manufacture e the complete conservatory including the roof, frames and base.

Durabasev is our optional all-in-one modular base, floor and wall system which we have now been manufacturing for over two years.

With Durabase, you can complete your whole project in just 3 days without and without the mess and disruption associated with conventional foundations and walls. Durabase can be installed over existing patios and span manholes with ease whilst still leaving access to them.