DIY Bifolding Doors

The bi-fold door system has become hugely popular with DIY conservatory builders. Where previously these doors could only be fitted by qualified professional, the new systems can be installed by competent DIY home owners. There are many  different  configurations  of which way doors should slide and how to split the sections.

Contemporary Design DIY Bifold Door

The improved energy efficiency of aluminium fenestration products and the focus on building energy efficient homes has resulted in increased use of glass and aluminium in building new homes and extensions.  Aluminium is very strong and glazed units can now boast excellent U values, so glass walls and bifold doors are very suitable from the practical and asthetic point of view.  They allow superb views of the outside space, excellent access and ventilation, and low heat exchange when closed.

Unlike the Smart profile, the Beaufort’s is quite square and has a choice of chamfered or square beading.

No Floating Mullion

On most bifold doors, the mullion secures into the top and the bottom track of the frame and floats (moves along the track with the doors).  On the Beaufort door there is no mullion, and instead, the panes are attached to each other with very strong hinges and with bolts which extend top and bottom of the panes to fit into the tracks. The result is 42mm less frame between each glass unit, providing more glass area and less bulk to stack away when the doors are open.

Bottom Running

As with the Smart door, Beaufort doors are not top hung, providing a robust set up and allowing gravity to play its part in keeping the doors on the track.  Nevertheless, the doors must not support a heavy weight, so a detailed survey should be carried out to decide whether a steel or similar is required to be installed above the doors.

Track and Gearing

We use only the highest quality stainless steel gearing to ensure that the doors run smoothly and easily for many years to come.

Colours and Finishes

The only standard colour for the Beaufort door is white.  There is, however, a vast choice of colours and we can match any RAL colour your require for your property in Essex.  The choice of finishes includes matt, gloss and metallic.  Please see our colour and finishes pages for details.