16mm Multiwall Polycarbonate

Reference: 16mm Multiwall Polycarbonate
Structure: Triplewall
Colour: Clear, Opal & Bronze
Length: 6m and 7m as standard, other lengths cut to size
Width: 980mm, 1200mm and 2100mm as standard, other widths cut to size

Our 16mm multiwall polycarbonate sheet combines high light transmission, good load bearing properties, good thermal insulation and excellent weather resistance.

The sheet is lightweight, impact resistant and easy to install. It features a co-extruded UV-protective layer on both sides of the sheet which provides almost total resistance against degradation caused by UV radiation in sunlight and almost no UV radiation passes through the sheet.

Our range of multiwall sheet carries a Ten Year Limited Warranty against discolouration, loss of light transmission and/or loss of strength due to weathering.


Colours Clear Opal Bronze
Colour Code 2099 2146 2845
Weight 2.6kg/m² 2.6kg/m² 2.6kg/m²
Light Transmission 74% 62% 30%
U Value 2.2W/m²K 2.2W/m²K 2.2W/m²K
Total Energy Transmission 69% 61% 48%
Hail Impact Test >21m/sec >21m/sec >21m/sec
Weighted Sound Reduction Index 18db 18db 18db


Size Tolerance
Standard Sheet Lengths 5m, 6m and 7m +/- 4mm
Standard Sheet Widths 980mm, 1200mm and 2100mm -0mm +25mm
Thickness 16mm +/- 0.5mm
  • Non-standard lengths are available to order, minimum quantities will apply
  • Non-standard colours may be available, minimum quantites will apply
  • Cut-to-size available, all sheets are blown free of dust and taped

Maximum Service Temperature (without load)

Our multiwall polycarbonate sheet can be installed in a diversity of applications with varying temperatures. The material’s mechanical performance is known to remain stable in prolonged service in temperatures between -40°C up to 120°C.

Fire Performance

Our multiwall polycarbonate sheet has good fire behaviour characteristics, and receives high ratings in several major European fire performance tests. As a thermoplastic, our multiwall polycarbonte will melt under the intense heat of a fire, however, it will make almost no contribution to a fire through flame spread.